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Our keyring photographer service is available throughout Liverpool and is perfect to hire for your party/event if you want you guests to have a chance to have a lovely reminder of your special day and also perfect if you are on a low budget. Our photographer will arrive at some point during your party start and finish time and produce keyrings, fridge magnets & photographs for your guests until people stop purchasing our products. This may be 30 minutes up to 2 hours but as it is a FREE service we do not allocate a set amount of time that we are in attendance.

Please fill in our booking form if you would like to send a booking enquiry and somebody will get back to you within 24 hours. You can select a preferred time of arrival which we do our best to keep to but we cannot guarantee any arrival time except that when a booking is taken that we will definitely be there at some point during the party.

Our keyrings are produced using the highest quality materials and equipment and are available for your guests within a few minutes of ordering. We only use the larger 35mm x 50mm keyrings and magnets unlike some other companies who use the smaller/cheaper option. Our photographs are printed on the highest quality glossy paper and come with protective sleeve and board back envelope to ensure that it does not get damaged.

Products available at your party would include Keyrings, Fridge Magnets & various sized photographs. Unfortunately this service does not include your photos being uploaded to our website/Facebook page for online viewing/ordering/sharing/tagging etc. Please check out our package services which may suit your needs more.

We offer a DVD add on to this FREE service which would be a DVD of all your high resolution party photos* which is delivered to your home. You can then print yourself, blow them up to larger prints and use on social media. This is delivered to your door within a week of your party taking place which is priced at £45. You can purchase duplicates of this DVD for just £5 per copy. These are perfect if you don't want the hassle and worry of making sure that your special moments are captured on camera.

We are currently FREE to hire for most areas of Liverpool but do have a small travel charge for certain areas. For a list of areas please vist our FAQ Page.

If you are unsure if your venue qualifies for our FREE service or need to know what the travel charge would be then please email on

Please note that in the event that you inadvertently double-book one of our keyring photographers, there would be a cancellation charge of £20 + any previously agreed travel charge that would be due on arrival. It would be at our keyring photographer's discretion whether it would be worth their while staying and in this situation we would ask you to ask the other photographer to leave.

* Minimum of 60 photographs but does depend on guest numbers as sometimes parties have a lot less people than expected and we are limited in the amount of photos that we can take.

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Our keyring photography DVD will include a minimum of 60 photos from your party. We will go around taking photos of your guests even if they haven't ordered any products and add them to your DVD. The DVD price is £45 but you can add any extra ones for just £5 each and payment is due at the party direct to your photographer.
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